Let It Be Any Ceiling or Wood Work, We Are Here to Help!!

 We design and build to any requirements, shapes or sizes for a unique and appealing result every time. Just give us a call to discuss your design requirements.

Coatbed / Bunkbed

As the leading Carpentry company in Venda, we take pride in delivering one off, woodwork for your home or office. Using a variety of different materials, finished and high grade wood, our craftsman can re-create, design or install to your exact requirements keeping in tune with the look and feel of your home.

Outdoor banch

Table & Chairs

Creating beautiful bespoke & customised furniture is one of our true passions. Whether your looking for tables, chairs, cabinets, kitchen cupboards, an AV unit or custom shelving units, we can help. 

Frames for Doors & Windows

Our professional Tshilukwa carpentry  will build custom frames for doors & windows as well as one off unique Doors for either the interior or exterior of your property. We use several different finishes to create a natural and beautiful warm wood effect that matches your property. We also install, fit and hand doors, window frames and gates.

Wall & Ceiling Painting

A fresh coat of paint in a modern colour is all you need to update your home. We properly prepare surfaces and only use quality materials to guarantee longevity. 

Ceiling Installation

Our company install all types off ceilings and cornices to the client’s requirements. We specialise in pvc ceilings which is in high demand on the market at
the moment.

Rhino Plastering

We have helped a lot of  home owners either complaining or making queries about work done in their homes using Rhino Lite plaster 

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“In a world where carpenters get resurrected, everything is possible. Do not hesitate to give us a call, we are here to assist you right away.

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